Welcome to Elder Excellent Care

   We are elderly care providers and rehabilitation patients that are managed by surgeons, nurses and caregivers with extensive experience, especially at Elder Excellent Care. We expect seniors and patients to recover. Get comfort and atmosphere As if you were receiving the reward of life.

   We are dedicated to creating an atmosphere on the 2 rai of land that is clear, clear, full of green spaces and activities. We care about the location. To be far from the slum area that may adversely affect.

   For the health of the guests and also try to bring natural products such as grass, big trees, organic vegetable conversion for health, flower conversion Come close to the daily life of the guest as much as possible.

Our service

Elderly normal condition.

Elderly dependency.
(Can help yourself partially)

Elderly and bed sickness patients.
(Piercing the throat, sucking sputum, feeding through the tube)

Elderly and patients who need rehabilitation.
(Patients with paralysis - paralysis And after hip knee surgery)

Daily care

Take care of hygiene

- Clean the body
- Clothing
- Bedding

Health assessment

- Blood pressure measurement
- Fever Temple
- Measure pulse and breathing
- measure the concentration of oxygen in the blood
- Measure blood sugar levels

Medical procedure

- feeding tube
- suctioning
- Oxygen
- Insulin injection
- dressing
- Check the lung function

Medical supplies

- Prepare medicine
- Providing medicines and supplements
- (controlled by a pharmacist and as prescribed by the doctor)


- meals and snacks
- According to nutrition
- Specialty Disease
- Controlled by a nutritionist

With a team of consultants

- Specialized orthopedic doctors
- nutritionists
- Pharmacist

Supervised by
a professional team



Professional physiotherapist

Nursing Assistant

Nurse assistant staff

Contact Us

49/1-5 Phatthana Chonnabot 4 rd., Khlong Song Ton Nun, Lat Krabang, Bangkok 10520